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ZERGWIRE provides you with an easy way to keep up with the latest news, rumors, videos and more for games and technology from all over the internet. There are many well known gaming and technology sites on the internet, but there are also many other lesser known sites that also provide great content that you never see. ZERGWIRE helps solve this problem for you by bringing all gaming and technology content together in one easy to use site.


ZERGWIRE separates itself from other aggregation sites by focusing on gaming and technology content. Other aggregators force you follow full site feeds which requires a lot of time to read through just to see if there is any content available for the topics that interest you. If you fall behind on other aggregator sites, trying to catch up can be an overwhelming process. ZERGWIRE keeps things simple and fast by letting you pick exactly what you want to read about which allows you to keep up and catch up quickly when your time is limited.


Our goal is for ZERGWIRE to become your primary source of gaming and technology news on the internet. Our goal is ambitious, but we believe in ZERGWIRE and we hope you and everyone else will feel the same way once you start using it!