Update Notes

Find the latest improvements and changes to ZERGWIRE in the update notes.

APRIL 26, 2017  —  General Updates

  • Added theme support to ZERGWIRE.
  • Added theme selection to content and channels menu bars.
  • Added theme selection to Settings page.
  • Added support for subchannels.

APRIL 14, 2017  —  General Updates

  • Added support for following and unfollowing channels without having to sign-up or login.
  • Added support for ZERGWIRE home page to show personal feed without having to sign-up or login.
  • Completed work on extensive restructuring and expansion wiht internal and underneath framework.

APRIL 4, 2017  —  General Updates

  • Added another batch of channel avatars/banners.
  • Increased the frequency of processing content so you see updates more often now.

APRIL 3, 2017  —  General Updates

  • Added over 90 new source sites including more official sites.
  • Added a few more channels.

MARCH 31, 2017  —  General Updates

  • Added over 60 new source sites including several official sites.
  • Added a few more channels.
  • Added more channel banners and avatars.
  • Renamed several channels to be more specific to the games they cover.

MARCH 30, 2017  —  General Updates

  • Another massive update has been made to several backend systems.
  • Several more channels now have banner and avatar images.
  • Source scans have been transitioned to a dynamic system to provide more frequent updates for sites that are updated more often throughout the day.

MARCH 27, 2017  —  General Updates

  • A massive update has been made to ZERGWIRE that includes extensive backend improvements and tweaks.
  • A few new bugs introduced with last update have been resolved.
  • As always, please Report Any Issues you find.

MARCH 26, 2017  —  General Updates

  • Changes were made throughout the code behind ZERGWIRE to prepare for future planned features. It is possible that new bugs have been introduced so please Contact Us if you see any!
  • Fixed a few minor bugs that were created during the last update.

MARCH 24, 2017  —  General Updates

  • Added a new list layout option for content pages. You can change your layout option by clicking on the grid icon in the menu bar on content pages or by going to the Settings page.
  • Replaced the About page link in the header bar with an Updates link. You can still access the About page from the menu bar on the Updates page or using the kiosk menu.

MARCH 24, 2017  —  BETA1 Launch!

  • We are pleased to announce the beta launch The BETA1 release of ZERGWIRE!